made with 100% recycled MATERIAL


     The Story of Sparc-it

We pledge to provide a quality product, backed by superior customer service placing our customers first.

We also vow to provide our employees with a safe and productive work environment, one in which they can

grow both professionally and personally.  

Our Mission

Founded in 2013, Sparc-it fire blocks were developed as a viable alternative to burning wood or natural gas for fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor cooking and camping.  Each Sparc-it fire block is made with 100%  


saving valuable natural resources and preventing deforestation throughout the world while keeping tons of unwanted office waste out of landfills.  Sparc-it fire bocks produce less ash than burning wood, leaving a smaller carbon footprint with the reduction of CO2 gases into the atmosphere.  Every Sparc-it fire block is manufactured in the USA providing domestic jobs and are molded by hand, producing a unique item every time.  

By purchasing Sparc-it fire blocks, you are making a difference in our world and that is something to be proud of.

Sparc-it  fire blocks can complete a full carbon cycle. We use recycled material in which the by-product, ash can be used as a fertilizer in your garden.

Sparc-it fire blocks are designed to meet the needs of many different kinds of users including...... 

                            Novice fire starters  - Sparc-it fire blocks light with 1 match and can be used safely indoors

                               RV'ers - Sparc-it fire blocks travel and store easily

                                   Great for fire pits, chiminas and pizza ovens 

                                       Scouts of all ages -Sparc-it fire blocks light even when damp

                                           Hikers -lightweight and can boil 1 liter of water in l0 minutes 

                                                A must item for Preppers and survivalist alike - safe to aid in cooking

Check out our expanding line  of Sparc-it fire blocks coming soon, including our Waterproof line and all new Sparc-it Fire balls, which are great for wood burning stoves and pizza ovens. Unlike other fire logs on the market today, Sparc-it fire blocks are safe to aid in cooking and have no oily smell.

We hope you enjoy using our products and we are committed to your satisfaction. 

Thanks for your support.

​Michael Smeyne


PHONE  800-465-6663


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